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A question?

Our answers


  • Do you offer the same food options the whole year round?

    Cooked, gourmet and healthy food options, with vegetables and fruit and the heart of each culinary offer from the brand.
    Particular attention is paid to health: for example, vegetable glaze, comprised of 80% vegetables + rape oil – instead of mayonnaise – is found in our salads, sandwiches, dishes.
    Each month, we offer between 3 and 6 new food options based on a seasonal vegetable given its role of honour, and half of the sandwich / dishes / salads / soups menu changes on 21th March and 21th September.
    Our wish is to surprise our customers, and let them discover new flavours. So, we offer certain classic recipes and other, more inventive ones.
    All tastes come from nature and it is important to us that everyone enjoys them. 

  • Do you offer different menus at EXKi?

    We offer menus covering the different times of the day: Breakfast / Lunch / Snack.



  • Do you offer the same food option in all EXKi restaurants?

    Largely, you will find the same food in all EXKis.
    Only the Italian restaurants offer different recipes.


  • Are all your products organic?

    No, around 30% of our products offered in our restaurants today come from organic farming. Shipment limitations.

    • Bread
    • Jams
    • Muffins, brownies…

    Don’t hesitate to ask our team members, who will be delighted to answer you (as long as you start with a hello and a smile!) 

  • I am allergic to gluten, do you offer food options without allergens?

    Yes, we offer gluten-free food, that you can easily see, using our “Gluten-free” icon (crossed-out wheat ear).
    Go to our Our Menu to see what we offer. All you need to do, is filter your food preferences to see an overview of our gluten-free foods.

  • I am a vegetarian/vegan, do you offer food options which suit my choices?

    Our vegetarian dishes are prepared without meat or fish, but can contain dairy products, eggs or traditional rennet cheeses. We favour seasonal vegetables, grown locally, naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients. You will find these options easily, using the clear green, “Veg” icon.
    Our vegan dishes are 100% vegan, with no animal products or with no animal by-products. They are easily recognisable by their dark green, “Vegan” icon.
    Our aim is to offer a complete and varied range, and to offer food alternatives to everyone.

  • What products are made onsite at EXKi?

    All sandwiches, certain salads, jumpers, as well as all Fruits & Teas and Green Smoothies are prepared every day in each one of our restaurants. Our sandwiches’ organic bread is baked onsite each morning. The other salads and hot dishes are hand-cooked in the EXKi factory kitchen.

  • How do I know that my product is fresh or frozen?

    Rare frozen products at EXKi are actually frozen because of the methods used to prepare them and to preserve how they look (meringue, for example). These specific products can be identified, thanks to a blue snowflake, which is on the small product posters in all restaurants.

  • Do you offer a delivery service? If you do, is what you offer the same?

    For the Brussels regions, you can order EXKi dishes on the website, EXKi Delivery. The options are substantially the same as in our restaurants, but adapted to be consumed in an “events/business” setting (small sandwich and salad packages).

    We can also order via EXKi Deliveroo BELGIUM or EXKi Deliveroo FRANCE



  • In what countries can you find EXKi restaurants?

    EXKi restaurants are present in Belgium, France (Paris, Lille, Lyon), Italy, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

  • How did EXKi come into being?

    EXKi’s story started in 1999, when 3 friends, Nicolas, Frédéric and Arnaud, passionate about good food, developed the idea of a quality, fast food restaurant, focused on natural products. The trio opened their first restaurant on 9th January 2001, in Porte de Namur, Brussels. The start of a beautiful story... Today, EXKi has 92 restaurants spread out over 5 countries.

  • How many EXKi restaurants are there?

    In november 2017, there were 92 restaurants over 5 countries.

Our values

  • What are EXKi’s founding mission statements?

    At EXKi, any activity, whatever it is, at any level, must fall under one or several of these mission statements.

    • Respect for quality. Quality products and service, in a friendly and warm environment
    • Respect for health. Healthy and balanced dishes, focused on vegetables, organic if possible, in line with the seasons, and clear and complete information
    • Respect for others. Respecting and listening to our colleagues, and our customers: “I serve the customer as I would like to be served”
    • Respect for the environment. A company committed to sustainable development, a controlled ecological footprint, restaurants which are ambassadors for doing the right thing for our customers, and a respect for the urban environment
  • You are surfing on the ecological wave, aren’t you?

    And what a beautiful wave it is! Sure, EXKi is an unprecedented pioneer of this movement, paying attention to the world that surrounds us.  


  • Nature’s Kitchen, what does this mean?

    In a world where nature is often bullied by agribusiness, or on the contrary, made sacred through excessive and exclusive approaches, EXKi defends a resolutely optimistic view of nature; a nature, not to be worshipped, but to be celebrated for all its richness and the benefits it brings us.
    Open to all, EXKi is particularly aimed at city dwellers on a quest for honesty, not very willing to sacrifice pleasure for health, and for whom, friendliness within the setting is as important as balance on their plate.

    At EXKi, we cook up nature to make it gourmet and share it with enthusiasm, which we have summarised in our slogan: Nature’s Kitchen, nature’s cooking, cooked-up nature.