Have you heard of RETHINK?

Our sustainable development program inspires us every day to act in accordance with our values.

We constantly strive to reduce our ecological footprint, even in the packaging of our meals. Greener materials such as paper, carboard and sugarcane pulp are progressively replacing plastic in all of our restaurants.

Interesting fact: our recipients made from sugarcane pulp are fully natural, 100% recycled, and biodegradable.

Similarly, in order to limit the use of plastic by our patrons, reusable bamboo cutlery has been made available in all our restaurants for as little as 1.5€.

And to go still further, we already replaced all of our plastic straws with cardboard straws!

No need for paper bags either: you can bring your very own tote bag. We also propose a bag in 100% natural cotton, designed by Eleni Kamma who was no doubt inspired by greenery and savoury indulgence. This wonderful artist is already anchored in EXKi’s history as she created many of the paintings featured in our headquarters and in some of our restaurants.

Let’s not forget about our Green Card, which rewards all of your green actions*. It was conceived to accompany you on your journey towards a more ecological lifestyle: one green action = one carrot point.

Your green actions* will give you access to awesome gifts. After 30 carrot points stamped on your Green Card, you will be able to pick a present from our list, among which our cotton bag signed Eleni Kamma. 

*(bring your own cutlery, mug or totebag, etc.)