A vegetable to rediscover, a little winter delicacy.

A root vegetable that is close to the carrot, the parsnip will entice you with its delicate flavour and nutty taste. Opt for it preferably when it is small, firm and beautifully creamy white. You can keep it for around 15 days in the fridge.

Raw, the parsnip is prepared shredded, in a salad, lifted with a lemon vinaigrette.

Cooked, it goes well in a soup, as a purée or in a gratin, and can also be braised with small onions. Flavour it with coriander or a hint of curry to bring out its flavour… and do not hesitate to prepare it as a dessert. You will make headlines by cooking a parsnip and honey pie.

At EXKi, incidentally, we also offer a pear and parsnip compote, a very healthy, delicious dessert.

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