A better coffee

EXKi Fairtrade coffee, certified organic by Certisys, is a blend of more than 95% Arabica beans harvested from the high plains of Bolivia and Mexico, giving it fullness and depth.
A touch of Robusta from Tanzania reinforces this balance with a caramelised note. Slow handcraft-roasting by the Liégeois family, Expert Roasters since 1955, softens the bitter notes and naturally allows the aromas of this exceptional coffee to develop fully.

The Project in Bolivia

For the last three years, SOS Faim and EXKi (with suppliers Café Liégeois and Coffee Team) have been working together to support Bolivian coffee growers through an agroecological
transition. EXKi finances, in particular, an award for the most committed agroecological producers.
The award ceremony took place on 24th October this year at Caranavi in Bolivia. 11 candidates received prizes in the form of equipment and materials needed to consolidate their projects."