With pumpkin, it feels like a ray of sunshine in our autumn dishes.

Bought whole, the right pumpkin is hard and heavy, with a tough skin free of spots and cracks. You will easily be able to keep it for weeks. 

If you prefer to buy pre-cut pieces, make sure their colour is vivid. Wrapped in cling film, you can preserve them in the fridge for a few days. The pumpkin is exquisite in soup, whether classic with cream or Asian-style with coco milk and curry.

Steamed and smashed, the pumpkin combines wonderfully with meat and fish. Alternatively, it can be chopped in cubes and braised with onion, thyme and laurel…

Last but not least, consider using it in your desserts. A pumpkin pie or sponge cake are only few of the many surprising and delicious recipes you can create with this truly versatile vegetable!


Our tasty and comforting “Novembris” recipes featuring pumpkin and more are available for you in all our restaurants.

  • A hot meal "Novembris" : Organic pumpkin Stoemp, pork-veal meat loaf with organic quinoa, mustard and parsley
  • A large salad "Novembris" : Rice vermicelli, organic pumpkin, organic tofu, white cabbage, coriander
  • A small salad "Novembris" : Wheat semolina, organic pumpkin, organic carrot, yellow pepper, almond
  • Soup "Novembris" 

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