Coffee for people in need

 - from 7 to 27 of january - 

Because not everyone can afford a good cup of coffee, EXKi invites you to take part in our ‘Share A Coffee’ campaign.

OBJECTIVE : to donate more than 200 000 coffees

How to take part in the project?

1. Tell a team member that you would like to take part.
2. They will add a total of €1 to your bill.
3. At the end of the campaign, we will donate all the money
collected in our restaurants to the charity organization ‘Opération Thermos’ that will redistribute it to the less fortunate.


Opération Thermos (Belgium)

© Lionel Guns

Operation Thermos came into being in December 1987 as a project run by Scout leaders. Today, there are 30 teams following in their footsteps, offering a meal to homeless people in the Botanique metro station from 1st November 2018 to 30th April 2019.
For 6 years now, EXKi has partnered with this association and their solidarity projects Glanage & Partage ('Gleaning and Sharing') Soupe Solidaire ('Solidarity Soup') and Share a Coffee.

Would you like to help them too?
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