The turnip: your ally for February

A member of the root vegetables family, the turnip is famous for its health benefits.

While there are over thirty different varieties of turnips, they are all well distinguishable thanks to their distinct shapes and colours. Among the most well-known varieties you will find the round turnip, the white turnip and the purple top.

When shopping for turnips, choose them firm and dense. Prefer them small or medium-sized as big ones often turn out stringy. Make also sure to avoid those with black or brown spots as these can be signs of decay.

Whether mild or tangy, these root vegetables offer a multiplicity of flavours and can be cooked in thousands of ways. Alone, mixed with other vegetables, in a soup, grated or mashed…. It is up to you to get creative!


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our "Februarius" recipes with turnips.


  • A warm “Februarius” dish: Turnip Stoemp, quinoa-based pork and veal meat loaf, quinoa, onion, chopped parsley, mustard sauce, rapeseed oil, whole-grain mustard.
  • A little “Februarius” salad: red lentils, organic turnip, rapeseed oil, red wine vinegar, red onion.
  • A “Februarius” soup: carrot, turnip, onion, applesauce.

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