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Our Missions

Nature's Kitchen: delicious food and a healthy diet!

When a sustainable and healthy diet is combined with delicious, gourmet food. Together, let's celebrate the benefits of nature. Enjoy an EXKi moment.

Natural cuisine offers the taste of delicious, surprising and fresh food on a daily basis. In all seasons. At all times of the day.

Nature's Kitchen is also...

  • Celebrates the richness of nature, creatively

  • Respects the environment, quietly and mindfully

  • Cultivates well-being, in an easy and practical way

Discover Nature's Kitchen

Eat well, live well with EXKi products

More vegetables, natural drinks and fruit
Less fat, less sugar, more taste

Original, simple and environmentally friendly recipes. Healthy, quality gourmet dishes, readily available. Pleasure in the taste, that's our promise.

Predominantly local and vegetable-based
Food diversity and freshness are essential to a good, balanced diet. EXKi champions the use of local, non-processed foods, with a predominance of seasonal vegetables.

Eat well, live well with EXKi products

Health, work, environment, community

Improving the nutritional quality of fast food, respecting others, reducing our environmental footprint, getting involved in the community around us... These are the 4 pillars of our Rethink action plan.
Zoom in on version 3.0 of the sustainable development programme reviewed and promoted by EXKi.

Discover Rethink

EXKi and You

EXKi's plan is also to increase our positive impact in partnering with those around us. Share our commitment: join our community.

We want to share our commitment and our innovative approach to meet current expectations for citizenship and sustainable development. Some examples: Solidarity Soup, Share a Coffee, Permafungi, Project Bolivia, Short Circuit,...

Read more about EXKi & You

Working at EXKi: pleasure and quality at work

The DNA of EXKi: a fast food restaurant, but of high quality
Are you looking for an employer who lives by their values? Welcome to EXKi. Our motto is "I serve my client as I would like to be served." And honesty is not an abstract concept here: from the information produced to our sustainable development programme, it is a strong state of mind.

Quality and respect form the backbone of our citizenship project. Respect for customers, for nature, but also for suppliers and collaborators. We are always committed to recognising and valuing individual differences. As proved by the diversity in our teams.

The EXKi adventure is also...

  • A brand anchored in Europe.
  • The 1st Belgian chain to have fair trade on their menu, since 2004
  • Teams constantly evolving via ongoing training
Want to combine quality and pleasure at work?

Our Story

EXKi, a quality fast food chain with fresh and natural products, was founded in 2001 in Belgium.

Learn more about our story
Read more about our story