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Our missions

#LessWasteTogether: our progress towards the EXKi of tomorrow

At EXKi, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint a little more every day. Because we love sharing our project and our values with you, we have created #LessWasteTogether: a program that aims to reduce our daily waste, and promote better packaging for our planet.

Let’s discover it in video!

Rethink: sustainable development reviewed and promoted by EXKi

Rethink is the action plan for sustainable development designed by EXKi. To reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink as a business. Discover our 4 pillars.

Health, work, environment, community

Improving the nutritional quality of fast food, respecting others, reducing our environmental footprint, getting involved in the community around us... These are the 4 pillars of our Rethink action plan.

Discover the sustainable development programme reviewed and promoted by EXKi.


Rethink Health: eat well and live better

EXKi continues its efforts to improve the nutritional quality of its creative and gourmet recipes:

Always natural, with fresh vegetables in season, local fish sourced responsibly, chicken raised in environmentally friendly and sustainable conditions
with less oil, sugar, fat and salt in our dishes. And zero aspartame.

Rethink Health also consists of clear, complete and readily available product information.

The Rethink Plan also involves

  • The best coffee, for the client and the farmer

  • The fight against food waste

  • Eating well and living better

Check out our Rethink books

Rethink Work: a question of respect

Respect affects everyone: customers, colleagues, suppliers: others, in general. As a corporate citizen, EXKi cultivates acts which allow working effectively while respecting people.

A fair company, with diversity in our teams, friendly and attentive service, EXKi recognises and values differences, collective commitment and honest initiatives.

déco durable

Rethink Environment: our impact on the planet

Sustainable development and the reduction of our carbon footprint make up another pillar of the EXKi project.

Waste sorting, cleaning products and environmentally friendly packaging, green energy, from wind turbines or recovered refrigerator compressors, recycled or FSC wooden furniture, LED lighting...

Rethink Environment also consists of a loyalty card, which rewards environmentally friendly actions by our customers. Because reducing our impact on the planet affects us all, together.

Soupe Solidaire

Rethink Community: together, our impact is stronger

Yes, the EXKi project also consists of increasing our positive impact by teaming up with those who surround us: our staff, our suppliers, our customers and our partners.

We want to share our commitment and our innovative approach to meet current expectations in relation to citizenship and sustainable development.
Some examples: Solidarity Soup, Share a Coffee, Permafungi, project Bolivia, Short Circuit...