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Our missions
Our story

A little bit of history

EXKi’s journey started in 1999, when 3 colleagues, Nicolas, Frédéric and Arnaud, all friends, passionate about good food, developed the idea of a quality fast food restaurant, focused on natural products.
The first restaurant opened on 9th January 2001, at Porte de Namur in Brussels.
The start of an amazing journey...

Once upon a time

  1. 2001

    Birth of the first EXKi restaurant

    The first EXKi restaurant opens its doors in the Brussels Porte de Namur district. Several months later, a second EXKi restaurant opens in the Rue Neuve, in the commercial heart of the city.

  2. 2004

    EXKi coffee is labelled Fairtrade Max Havelaar

    EXKi decides to procure its coffee exclusively from fairtrade sources.

  3. Birth of the first Italian restaurant

    EXKi begins its Italian adventure in Turin. A second restaurant starts up several months later.

  4. 2005

    EXKi is chosen to become a member of Euro-Toques

    EXKi is selected to become a member of Euro-Toques, an organisation that brings together cooks and chefs from all around Europe, united by their desire to promote the authenticity and uniqueness of high quality products.

  5. 2006

    Creation of the EXKi Academy

    EXKi invests in the development of its employees at the heart of the organisation by introducing ongoing training. This training aims to standardise the use of methods and tools throughout all EXKi establishments. The content evolves year by year: customer service, leadership, work relationships, product quality, the management of difficult situations…

  6. Birth of the first Parisian restaurant

    The first restaurant in Paris opens its doors at number 9, Boulevard des Italiens. Since then, more than 30 restaurants have opened in France, of which 15 in the French capital and 10 in the Parisian airports.

  7. 2007

    Creation of ReThink

    The company was very quick to opt for a socially and environmentally responsible approach. All the commitments undertaken by EXKi have been brought together as part of the action plan ReThink

  8. 2008

    Birth of the first restaurant in Luxembourg

    EXKi embarks on its Luxembourg adventure. Since then, no fewer than three more restaurants have opened in the region.

  9. 2010

    EXKi – Company of the Year

    EXKi receives the ‘Company of the Year’ Award. This award "is given to companies that show spectacular growth while distinguishing themselves in the areas of innovation, open mindedness, strategy and dedication".

  10. EXKi receives the Diversity Award

    In 2010, EXKi receives the Diversity Award. This award recognises companies that have demonstrated their commitment to an open human resources policy.

  11. 2011

    EXKi is 10 years’ old

    EXKi blows out 10 candles.

  12. First restaurant opens in The Hague

    EXKi embarks on its Dutch adventure in The Hague. A few years later, another restaurant opens in The Hague and one in Amsterdam train station.

  13. 2012

    ReThink 2.0 plan

    The new ReThink report allows us to review the original action plan and make new commitments for the future.

  14. 2013

    EXKi invites its customers to the first "Solidarity Soup"

    EXKi decides to organise a fun and friendly campaign to enable everyone to offer a little warmth to the disadvantaged by way of a bowl of hot soup. The opportunity for all to experience a moment of sharing as an act of solidarity.

  15. 2014

    Launch of the first EXKi restaurant in New York

    The opening of the first restaurant in the Big Apple. The recipes are adapted to please the local palate but EXKi remains faithful to its original concept. All products used are free of additives and preservatives, organic when possible and local (sourced from the states of New York, New Jersey, Vermont and Pennsylvania).

  16. Birth of the first "Coffee-Bike": La Maison Vélib EXKi

    EXKi and Vélib’ cycle together! This setting celebrates the shared values of Vélib’ and EXKi: good urban life, good citizenship, health, well-being and respect for the environment.

  17. 2016

    Publication of the EXKI ReThink books

    "Eat well, live well", "Waste, the food challenge", "A better coffee", are the subjects addressed in the works written by the EXKi founders. The books are available to customers in our restaurants.

  18. EXKi receives the award for the “Best Fruit & Vegetables Fast Service Project”

    Upon the release of Gault&Millau Vert 2016, EXKi receives the award of the “Best Fruit & Vegetables Fast Service Project”. This prize rewards the work of the EXKi chefs and teams for cooking up nature.

  19. The Vegetable Almanac

    EXKi publishes its first book of recipes and tips. “This Vegetable Almanac is based on a very simple idea: we feed ourselves better when we eat in harmony with nature.”

  20. EXKi is turning 15!

    It was actually on the 9th of January 2001 that EXKi opened its first restaurant in the Porte de Namur district of Brussels. At the time, we were the absolute forerunners in quality and healthy fast food restaurants. Since then, we have continued to make every effort to stay true to our promise and to welcome you to our restaurants with the same enthusiasm as from the start.

  21. To be continued…

    Together, let's write the EXKi's story.